• 6 days ago
    Improved detection for web application firewalls.
    Search query: [services.labels="web-application-firewall"](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=labels%3D%60web-application-firewall%60)
  • 14 days ago
    Added support for 5 new L7 protocols
    New protocols include: <br/> - [CISCO_IPSLA](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DCISCO_IPSLA) <br/> - [CRESTRON_CP3](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DCRESTRON_CP3) <br/> - [RCON](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DRCON) <br/> - [VOTIFIER](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DVOTIFIER) <br/> - [WHOIS](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DWHOIS) <br/>
  • 18 days ago
    Added support for 1 new L7 protocol
    New protocols include: <br/> - [7 DAYS TO DIE](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DSEVEN_DAYS_TO_DIE) <br/>
  • 19 days ago
    Added support for 2 new L7 protocols
    New protocols include: <br/> - [MINECRAFT](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DMINECRAFT) <br/> - [RIFATRON](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DRIFATRON) <br/>
  • 19 days ago
    Added support for 5 new L7 protocols
    New protocols include: <br/> - [REDLION_CRIMSON](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DREDLION_CRIMSON) <br/> - [REALPORT](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DREALPORT) <br/> - [GEARMAN](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DGEARMAN) <br/> - [WINRM](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DWINRM) <br/> - [CISCO_SMI](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3DCISCO_SMI) <br/>
  • 20 days ago
    Added whois.network.(allocation_type|created|updated) fields
    Search query: [whois.network.allocation_type: "REALLOCATION"](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=whois.network.allocation_type%3A+%22REALLOCATION%22)
  • 24 days ago
    Improved detection for gaming-related services.
    Search query: [services.labels="gaming"](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.labels%3D%22gaming%22)
  • 27 days ago
    Started scanning iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface)
    Search query: [services.service_name="ISCSI"](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.service_name%3D%22ISCSI%22)
  • 40 days ago
    Started scanning for CIMON Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    Search query: [services.service_name="CIMON_PLC"](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.service_name%3D%22CIMON_PLC%22)
  • 48 days ago
    Started scanning for multiple TLS versions on services
    Search query: [services.tls.versions.tls_version="SSLv3"](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.tls.versions.tls_version%3D%22SSLv3%22)
  • 48 days ago
    Added whois.network.cidrs field
    Search query: [whois.network.cidrs:](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=whois.network.cidrs%3A+
  • 48 days ago
    Added JA4S and JA4X fingerprints for scans and certificates respectively
    Search query: [services.tls.ja4s: *](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.tls.ja4s%3A+*), [parsed.ja4x: *](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=certificates&q=parsed.ja4x%3A+*)
  • 61 days ago
    Started scanning Fortinet FcmDaemon on TCP/8013
    Search query: [`services.service_name:FORTINET_FCM`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.service_name%3AFORTINET_FCM)
  • 76 days ago
    Improved Software Field Rendering in UI
    The software field in the UI now renders the software name and version in a more human-readable format.
  • 94 days ago
    Released IP Whois data enrichment
    The new `whois` field available in Search and BigQuery can be used to search on IP Whois data.
  • 110 days ago
    Improved detection for internet-connected printers
    Search query: [`services.labels: printer`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.labels%3A%22printer%22)
  • 116 days ago
    Added Shodan-compatible favicon hash field
    Added a new `services.http.response.favicons.shodan_hash` field, which contains a hash that is built and formatted in the same way as Shodan's favicon hashes. This allows executing queries built for Shodan against the Censys dataset. To use the field, replace Shodan's `http.favicon.hash` field with Censys' [`services.http.response.favicons.shodan_hash: *`](https://search.censys.io/search/language?resource=hosts&q=services.http.response.favicons.shodan_hash%3A+*&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE) field. Values for the field will be filled in over the next few days, so results will be only partially-complete at first.
  • 116 days ago
    Added http favicons hashes field
    Added a new `services.http.response.favicons.hashes` field, which includes multiple hash formats. The old `md5_hash` field still remains in place.
  • 117 days ago
    Improved detection for internet-connected medical devices
    Search query: [`services.labels: medical-device`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.labels%3A+%60medical-device%60)
  • 124 days ago
    Launch of Lite Certificates and Improved Certificate Performance
    Censys has re-enabled the Lite Certificates functionality of our Certificates Dataset to improve the stability and performance of Certificate queries. <br><br> Lite Certificates refers to a technique where Censys removes numerous indexed fields from our search index after a certificate has expired, allowing us to significantly shrink the amount of data needed to be stored and queried across. We expect this to increase the responsiveness and speed of Certificate queries, while still maintaining the most common fields used for searches such as names, fingerprints, serial numbers, subject information, and validity. <br><br> For more information, visit our help center article on [Censys Lite Certificates](https://support.censys.io/hc/en-us/articles/4405716032148-Censys-Lite-Certificates).
  • 129 days ago
    Added New Protocol Scanner: DCERPC
    A new protocol scanner for DCERPC has been deployed. DCE/RPC is a protocol used for remote procedure calls and is commonly used by Microsoft RPC found on TCP port 135. Censys is currently conducting a one-time prioritized scan of port 135 over the next 48-72 hours to fully populate our dataset with DCERPC services. <br><br> Example Query: [`services.service_name: DCERPC`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&q=services.service_name%3A+DCERPC)
  • 132 days ago
    General Availability of Historical Certificate APIs for All Users
    Two new Historical Certificate APIs are now available to all users. These endpoints allow users to inspect the observations of certificates across our entire collection historical scan data. <br><br> - [Certificate Observation History](https://search.censys.io/api#/certificates%20v2/getCertObservations) - Returns a list of observations containing hosts and their services which ever presented a given certificate fingerprint. <br><br> - [Host Certificate History](https://search.censys.io/api#/hosts/getCertsByHost) - Returns a list of observations containing certificates which were ever presented on a given host. <br><br> History is currently being back-populated for both of these APIs, and results are being populated from the most recent observations to the oldest. Please allow time for the full history to be populated and be made available. A future update will be provided when the process has completed and the full history is made available. <br><br> With this release, the [Hosts by Certificate](https://search.censys.io/api#/certificates%20v2/getHostsByCert) API is now deprecated and is scheduled for removal at a future date. Users should migrate to using the Search endpoint on the Host index using the `services.certificate={fingerprint}` query to find any hosts currently presenting a certificate. <br><br> For more information on getting started using the Search API, visit our [API Documentation](https://search.censys.io/api).
  • 138 days ago
    Increase Size of Searchable HTTP Bodies
    Querying the field `services.http.response.body` will now search over the entire HTTP response body that Censys collects.
  • 139 days ago
    Expose Pending Removal Service State
    When Censys rescans a known service and the scan is not successful, Censys will maintain the service in its dataset and continue to retry scanning the service. If the service still cannot be successfully scanned after a waiting period it is removed. <br><br> This pending removal state is now exposed to end users through a new field: `services.pending_removal_since` and is set to the timestamp when the service transitioned to the pending removal state. This field is available for search and available on each service in the lookup API. The hosts details page has also been updated to include a pill to highlight when a service is in the pending removal state. <br><br> Example Search query: [`services.pending_removal_since: *`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=EXCLUDE&q=services.pending_removal_since%3A+*)
  • 146 days ago
    Added parsing of raw ELF binaries
    Some services return a raw ELF binary, and this was previously detected as `UNKNOWN`. The ELF header is now parsed, and detected as `ELF_FILE`. Search query: [`services.service_name: ELF_FILE`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&q=services.service_name%3A+ELF_FILE)
  • 151 days ago
    Added detection for Apache OFBiz servers
    Search query: [`services.software: (vendor: apache and product: ofbiz)`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.software%3A+%28vendor%3A+apache+and+product%3A+ofbiz%29)
  • 151 days ago
    Added detection for FiercePhish, SocialPhish, Fake Coinbase, and Fake Paypal
    Search query: [`services.software.product: {FiercePhish, SocialPhish, fake-coinbase, fake-paypal}`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.software.product%3A+%7BFiercePhish%2C+SocialPhish%2C+fake-coinbase%2C+fake-paypal%7D)
  • 151 days ago
    Updated detection for EvilGoPhish, Gophish, and Fake USPS.
    Search query: [`services.software.product: {EvilGoPhish, Gophish, fake-usps}`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.software.product%3A+%7BEvilGoPhish%2C+Gophish%2C+fake-usps%7D)
  • 158 days ago
    Started scanning Checkpoint Topology
    Search query: [`services.service_name=CHECKPOINT_TOPOLOGY`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.service_name%3DCHECKPOINT_TOPOLOGY)
  • 161 days ago
    Added detection for Evilginx and EvilGoPhish servers
    Search query: [`services.software.product: {Evilginx, EvilGoPhish}`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.software.product%3A+%7BEvilginx%2C+EvilGoPhish%7D)
  • 164 days ago
    Removed response body from data-download hosts
    Clients should use the `Location` header to follow 302 redirects
  • 166 days ago
    Started scanning SOCKSv5
    Search query: [`services.service_name: SOCKS`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&q=services.service_name%3A+SOCKS)
  • 167 days ago
    Added detection for Asset Reconnaissance Lighthouse (ARL) and Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) servers
    Search query: [`services.software.product: {asset-reconnaissance-lighthouse, browser-exploitation-framework}`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&sort=RELEVANCE&per_page=25&virtual_hosts=INCLUDE&q=services.software.product%3A+%7Basset-reconnaissance-lighthouse%2C+browser-exploitation-framework%7D)
  • 167 days ago
    Improved detection for open directories
    Search query: [`labels: open-dir`](https://search.censys.io/search?resource=hosts&q=labels%3A+open-dir)
  • 167 days ago
    Added detection for Fake Chrome Update and USPS Phishing servers
  • 173 days ago
    Added new solo subscription tier
  • 173 days ago
    Started scanning SNMPv3
  • 174 days ago
    Add new documentation for hosts fields
  • 178 days ago
    Started scanning L2TP UDP port 1701