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What'sin your wine bottle?

Vino Verified delivers transparency for wine – from the vineyard to your
glass. We bring you the full story behind each bottle including details about
the farming and winemaking methods. At Vino Verified, we recognize that
belonging to a particular category of wine does not tell the whole story. We
go beyond labels and give consumers a way to discover producers that offer
authenticity, across a range of wine categories.


  * Transparency
  * Authenticity
  * Knowledge
  * Discovery


![](/static/img/icons/knowledge_icon.png) Transparency

Vino Verified provides transparency on what happens in the vineyard and in the
cellar. You’d be surprised what some wines contain and what’s hidden from

**Vino Verified** only works with producers who are happy to tell you
_everything_ that is in their wine, details about their farming and winemaking
methods, and the steps the wine goes through – from harvest to winery, from
start to finish – until it gets to you. We also give you information on what
the producer is doing to promote sustainability.

![](/static/img/icons/knowledge_icon.png) Authenticity

Authentic wine from great producers is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The
best winemakers start in the vineyard; they don’t try to ‘fix’ a wine in the
cellar via chemistry or added ingredients. They know that terroir is key: the
character of the wine is influenced by the very land on which the grapes are

They bring their talent and passion to the winery too. Each wine reflects
choices made in the vineyard and in the winery. Vino Verified provides the
platform for the winemaker to talk to you about these choices.

![](/static/img/icons/knowledge_icon.png) Knowledge

With a tap of your phone, discover the information that is important to you.
Learn about the winemaker, where and how the grapes are grown, the terroir of
the vineyard, and the practices employed in the cellar.

Get the insider view - the next best thing to taking a trip to the winery

![](/static/img/icons/knowledge_icon.png) Discovery

We share some of our favorite publications so feel free to dive in even

Instead of having to search for information about a wine, we provide direct
links to relevant articles, videos and books. Imagine instantly accessing a
podcast by the winemaker about the wine you are about to have for dinner,
while you are cooking!

How it works


[Download](https://apps.apple.com/app/id1499736447) our App

Download the Vino Verified App available for
[iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/id1499736447) & Android(Coming Soon).


Scan the Vino Verified Tag ![](/static/img/icons/nfc-icon.png)

Look for the Vino Verified tag on wine bottles, and from our app, scan the tag
with your phone. This tag, uniquely identifies a wine bottle and will give you
detailed information on this wine.



Get the Story

Learn details about the farming and winemaking techniques, the grapes used,
the vineyards, the winemaker. In short, discover all the information about the
wine that is important to you - in an easy, intuitive fashion.

Vino Verified provides an enhanced digital experience for wine


verified/dgheiebhinjbgahblofojfchnolaakfp?hl=en) our Extension

Download the Vino Verified Extension available for
verified/dgheiebhinjbgahblofojfchnolaakfp?hl=en) & Safari(Coming Soon).


Get the Story ![](/static/img/icons/vvicon.png)

Download the browser extension once. Once downloaded, when you go to your
local wine shop’s website, you will see the Vino Verified icon
![](/static/img/icons/vvicon.png) for wines that are on our platform. Click on
this icon to see detailed information on the producer, vineyard and cellar
practices, and links to relevant articles.



Wine Shops

  * [Guido's Fresh Marketplace](https://guidosfreshmarketplace.com/department/wine-and-beer/)

_Coming Soon to New York City_


Organic? Biodynamic?

What is natural wine anyway?

Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable, and Natural wines all share the goal of
producing wine in an environmentally conscious way. These winemakers and
growers work to achieve a natural balance in the vineyard, optimizing the
innate characteristics of the land and vines to defend against pests and
disease, with minimal intervention through artificial products. In the cellar,
winemakers work with more caution, in an effort to interfere as little as
possible. They don’t want to add or take away from what the wine naturally
provides. This is a distinctly different approach than is taken with
conventional wines.

These categories are very different though when it comes to the actual laws
that must be followed. Wines certified as organic or biodynamic must adhere to
a multitude of regulations. The sustainable and natural wine categories
provide guidelines as opposed to strict rules. The vast array of terminology,
laws, and classifications create unclear, mixed messages. In addition, a
grower may follow some, most, or even all practices associated with being
organic or biodynamic, but choose not to become certified. These nuances can
get lost when just using simple labels. _We bring you the whole story of a

for Producers


Establish a connection

The Vino Verified app helps you bring the story of your wine to the consumer,
sharing details of your vineyard and winemaking practices in a way that is
easily accessible and intuitive. We provide a seamless connection to the
consumer; as soon as you update information in the Vino Verified application,
the next time a consumer scans one of your wine bottles with our tag on it,
they will see it.



Highlight the practices you are already doing. Vino Verified provides an easy
way to convey the great things that are already happening in your vineyard and
cellar. We offer links to different media so you can share photos, podcasts,
video interviews, as well as traditional reviews and relevant articles.
Sometimes it’s hard to blow your own horn; Vino Verified does it for you.

for Retailers

Enhanced Digital Experience for your customers

We’ve implemented a browser extension that overlays a wine shop’s website.
Each customer need only download the extension once and then every time they
go to your website, they will see additional information. There is no work
required on your part, yet your customer gets an enhanced online shopping
experience. For all wines that are on the Vino Verified platform, we overlay a
small icon next to the wine name and description. When the customer clicks on
this icon, they see details about vineyard and cellar practices, as well as
links to relevant publications.

Access to Information

Especially with the COVID19 restrictions, it is hard to get the information
you normally would, first of all from the distributor/importer and then from
you to your customers. It is more difficult for people to come in to your shop
and spend the time talking with your staff. Customers may or may not like
talking on the phone. Vino Verified gives your customers the information that
in the past has come from your knowledgeable staff.

As research has shown, when the customer has access to more information, it is
likely to result in additional purchases. All this comes with NO changes
required on the part of the retailer website.

Vino Verified App

The wines on our platform can optionally have a Vino Verified tag affixed to
each bottle. This tag, along with the Vino Verified app which is based on NFC
technology, enables the consumer to access the same set of detailed
information that’s available in the browser extension just by scanning the tag
with their phone from within our app. Your customer can easily check out what
the winemaker says, reviews, or even access a podcast about the wine while
they’re drinking it, just by tapping their phone and holding up to the bottle!

We want to work with you

Get in touch and learn how you can protect each and every bottle you produce.

__Contact Us

* * *

Get Notified

Stay up to date with what's happening with Vino Verified



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